Pillowcase - Powder Blue with Chin Weave PC3 - PochisilkSSSYP3-PC3

Pillowcase - Powder Blue with Chin Weave PC3

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One of our most requested products is finally here – the Pochisilk handwoven pillowcase!

A silk pillowcase can feel like a fairly hefty investment - but it’s one that can deliver real benefits for your overnight skincare and haircare regime…

  • Silk’s smooth texture means that you won’t have to rush to your early meeting with sleep creases or pillowcase lines on your face!
  • Resting your head on silk reduces the friction of tossing and turning in your sleep so your hair sees the benefit – fewer tangles, less breakage, reduced frizz, and silkier, well-hydrated hair
  • Silk absorbs less moisture than other fabrics so is less likely to host dust mites and other nasties – and it stays cleaner between washes
  • Silk repels moisture more effectively than cotton so your skin can retain its moisture, and your nighttime products can be more effective
  • If you have sensitive skin or suffer from any inflammatory skin conditions you will notice less irritation and relief from itching

….so all in all a worthwhile investment!

  • 100% hand-woven and featuring our signature Chin design
  • Size 20 x 30 inches (51 cm x 76 cm)
  • May be hand-washed in cool water and pressed on a medium iron