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A silk pillowcase might seem like a big investment, but it brings real benefits to your skin and hair over night.

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  • Edwin B, Yangon

    Wow super impressed….. beautiful, comfy and supporting the right people.  Oh and cute packaging so it's great to give as a

  • Nikki C, Melbourne

    I love the colours and I can breathe so well in it. It's a totally different feeling from other masks. The fabric is beautiful.

  • Andrea V, Berlin

    I ordered five masks for family members, and everyone
    loves their mask now. We were fighting about who gets which colour though!

Scrunchie - Pink & Blue-Grey S28 - PochisilkSSSYP3-S28

Scrunchie - Pink & Blue-Grey S28

Our loom-woven silk scrunchies not only look super-chic, they also protect, condition and nourish your hair.

Silk is smooth in texture and so prevents knotting and split ends, minimises hair kinks or creases that might be left when you take your hair out of its style - and they can be comfortably worn all day. 


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