Pochi is a grassroots collective of passionate women in Myanmar, bound together by a shared dream - to regenerate and reimagine the ancient Burmese art of hand-loomed silk weaving, and bring it to the world in the form of unique and authentic textiles, fabrics and accessories, which combine a mix of our very own silks grown in Chin state, lotus silk from Shan State, high quality imported silks, and the best of Burmese cottons. We use our own natural dyes from local plants, sometimes mixed with some chemical dyes to create exclusive colours that bring a modern, glowing patina to centuries-old Burmese styles without losing the cultural integrity of the ancient designs. Developing close partnerships with customers is an integral part of our business philosophy – Welcome to Pochi! 

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  • Edwin B, Yangon

    Wow super impressed….. beautiful and supporting the right people.  Oh and cute packaging so it's great to give as a

  • Sara D, Cotswolds

    Love the colour of my orange shawl. It gives me a subtle splash of warm colour and the contrasting blue accent ties everything together. Perfect for summer evenings  or a winter pick-me-up!

  • Andrea V, Berlin

    I ordered five masks for family members, and everyone
    loves their mask now. We were fighting about who gets which colour though!

Scrunchie - Pink & Blue-Grey S28 - PochisilkSSSYP3-S28

Scrunchie - Pink & Blue-Grey S28

Our loom-woven silk scrunchies not only look super-chic, they also protect, condition and nourish your hair.

Silk is smooth in texture and so prevents knotting and split ends, minimises hair kinks or creases that might be left when you take your hair out of its style - and they can be comfortably worn all day. 


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